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We keep it simple … and do what we do best with positive results focusing on niche products


We are well known industry leaders and have serviced hospitality and tourism sectors for well over 30 years


We might not be the BIGGEST marketing company in town... but believe we are definitely the most passionate. Sales and Marketing practices have come a long way in the last few years, what with the introduction of social media and other technological advances. With EI  Management Company we do of course move with the times, we also strongly believe in a 'back to basics' approach. Our success stems from old fashioned pavement pounding, knocking on doors and establishing long term, face to face relationships with our clients. Our Sales and Marketing representation services are varied , but in short... we act as the middle man, between you and your client! We make the promises... You keep them!

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Chantal Maxim


Claire Pohlman


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